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Reviews for Against the Wind

marisamarinee2016.05.19 - 04:13PM6: A Safe Place to StaySigned
That was intense

marisamarinee2016.05.19 - 03:51PM4: A Restless Night and an Alarming MorningSigned
Loving it!

Derelict Author2012.07.24 - 08:47PM14: EpilogueSigned
Sigh. Unfortunately, I found this story fell prey to the all too common, "telling rather than showing." Rather than writing what someone's feeling in awkward detail, or summarizing a whole period of time with woodenly written quick bits, SHOW. Evoke emotion; convey feeling!

Maria2011.02.10 - 08:56PM10: Once a Death Eater, always a Death Eater ...?Signed
Amazingly well written.

Maria2011.02.10 - 08:50PM8: A bad Way to start a RomanceSigned
(HUGE Grin)! Now THIS is how I envision Snape - a rough-around-the-edges Northerner that's not too delicate or subtle, lol. This is so well written and damn hot!

christev2010.11.27 - 11:24AM14: EpilogueSigned
Hi! Here via a rec from talesofsnape posted on the LJ community One_Bad_Man. This was a really enjoyable fic. You wrote about my absolute favorite situation, Snape and Draco running after the end of Book 6. I loved the adventure pieces, especially with Snape using Muggle skills. Also really liked Hermione's gift of sensation - original magical concepts are difficult to come up with, and this is a good one. Thanks for sharing such a great read! :-)

airplanesarewishes2010.06.27 - 10:41AM14: EpilogueSigned
Wow. I really enjoyed reading your story! Not often do I find a story nowadays where I simply can not stop reading because I have to know what happens at the end. I will admit at the end when it was said that Hermione and Snape would be taking in orphaned wizard children.. it def. brought a tear to my eye! Eh, maybe I just get too overtly emotional. lol. Anyways! Super job! :]

Veronicaizzard2010.01.09 - 01:59AM14: EpilogueSigned
I really enjoyed this story. You described their feelings beautifully. Well Done!! <3

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