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Reviews for The Power Of A Squib

bluemooonie2015.08.23 - 02:32AM7: GamesSigned
Plot was very original :)

Alexa19932012.05.18 - 05:03PM7: GamesSigned

Montara2012.03.07 - 04:12PM7: GamesSigned
I like this Severus! He's so..normal when he's with Hermione :) Loved the story. Thank you!

loreen772011.06.20 - 11:06PM7: GamesSigned
Lots of silly fun. Nice job, I enjoyed it a lot.

jrzygirl122011.02.28 - 07:02AM7: GamesSigned
WONDERFUL!!!! I should have been sleeping forever ago but couldn't make myself go to bed until I finished...thank you for such a great story!

Valkyria Prince2008.07.21 - 02:26PM2: LessonsSigned
I like this b/c it's like a 'how Filch got his firepower'. He is always overlooked and I rarely think of him as little more than a sideshow, but when I read about him being the least bit friendly or someone being sympathetic for him, it always makes an interesting story! Power to Filch!

verasuspense2008.02.02 - 12:07PM1: DisappearancesSigned
Mrs Norris was much too beautiful in the films, although the red eyes were an interesting touch.

amy skydancer2008.01.14 - 03:06PM7: GamesSigned
first off: WOW!!!! that was bloody fantastic! I was waiting for book 7 to explain Mrs Norris. I love the few and far between FanFic's that play on that dangling piece of story-thread. second: Harry hanging by his thumbs! priceless!!!! third: Percy..okay, I had difficulties getting around the lovely pompus git that is Percy Weasley esquire, but he really worked well here. fourth: my only critique: Minister of magic is the position, MinistRY of magic is the over all government. Fifth: did I mention this was a fantasitic read? lol.. now off you go... you have a sequel to write!!!!!!

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