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Reviews for Salazar's Heir

snapefan19832014.09.29 - 10:22PM3: LonelinessSigned
wow why is this happeing and why does everyone stay away from hermione all of a sudden?? and why does everyone think hermione is evil??? “You just don’t mention Granger,” hissed the Ravenclaw sitting next to her. “She’s evil.”

verasuspense2013.05.10 - 07:23PM3: LonelinessSigned
It has been several years since the Triwizard Tournament. Viktor has had time to learn to speak English, plus the motivation of wanting to be able to communicate more fully with Hermione.

Ritardando2010.06.10 - 04:01AM3: LonelinessSigned
What happened to Viktor's accent when he's speaking to both Severus and Hermione? Even Harry pokes fun at his pronunciation of Hermione's name: "Herm-own-ninny." To me, Viktor's accent is a big part of his character, just as Fleur's French accent is to her heritage. Also, the premise of the different Heirs slightly bothers me. Viktor, the Heir of Hufflepuff? Good start to a story, but it seems a bit thrown together for me, with random elements added here and there. Some things aren't quite explained right away, but I can only hope that they're expanded upon later in the story.

verasuspense2008.03.07 - 08:33PM3: LonelinessSigned
Trust Ron and Harry to act like prats. Some things nevr change.

chrissyseebs2006.04.30 - 11:34AM3: LonelinessSigned
why is the evil and to whom is she betrothed?

InsanePirate6242005.11.14 - 08:16PM3: LonelinessSigned
I think you need a beta. This story is horribly confusing.

Author's Response: Perhaps if you read it till the end...? I usually have a solid plot, but things are revealed slowly. Thins may becvome clearer if you read further on. Ys

pickles2004.10.23 - 05:27PM3: LonelinessSigned
awesome. but why is harry and ron being such pricks? ok ok i'll keep reading.

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