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Reviews for Dungeon of Drabbles

Mistris mayhem2012.04.08 - 08:44PM1: Cell I ~ The Lighter SideSigned
at last and a valentine for snape are by far my favorites

Jenniemay2011.10.27 - 10:28AM1: Cell I ~ The Lighter SideSigned
She burst out laughing. Snape had papered the walls with pages from Hogwarts: A History. HAHAHAHAHA

verasuspense2010.05.29 - 07:41AM2: Cell II ~ Darker ShadesSigned
I'm a bit confused; did Weasley come in swinging and accidently hit Hermione ?

megalomanic2010.02.24 - 12:17AM2: Cell II ~ Darker ShadesSigned
these were lovely. I must say I liked the darker ones better as there was such.. poignancy... to them. You're an excellent writer. :)

alphafemale2007.08.14 - 02:20PM1: Cell I ~ The Lighter SideSigned
Although I can't imagine Severus making Hogwarts: A History Wallpaper, I very much liked the idea of someone surprising Hermione in such a manner. The most enjoyable moment for me was him clarifying ahead of time that her copy was completely fine. For all her brains and bravado, Hermione is a Hex-First-Ask-Questions-Later kind of girl on occasion, especially when books are involved. Thanks!

FruGal2007.08.14 - 12:53AM2: Cell II ~ Darker ShadesSigned
These may not be fun ficlets, but I enjoyed them all the same. I'm glad to see you've updated and I hope to see more from you.

FruGal2007.04.02 - 06:40PM1: Anonymous
01-02-2007 14:19

Another great ficlet. So short. So funny. Keep them coming.

Maggie2007.04.02 - 06:40PM1: Anonymous
30-01-2007 00:59 Rated 10


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