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Reviews for Catspaws

loreen772018.03.09 - 10:23PM20: Chapter TwentySigned
Bravo! I love this story and was so excited to see it finished. Great job!!

verasuspense2018.03.05 - 10:02PM20: Chapter TwentySigned
The only complaint I have is that I was expecting a description of Neville and Millie's wedding, and that something unexpected would happen, such as the Sidhe showing up to play the dance music, and that Severus and Hermione would get together. Did they have any children ?

verasuspense2018.03.05 - 09:17PM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
Ron's ghost turning up to straighten Harry out was unexpected, but welcome. I wonder if he will stick around until Harry dies ? I would expect Fred's ghost to stay with his twin until George dies, of extreme old age, from the exertion of making love to blonde triplets.

loreen772018.03.04 - 10:26PM20: Chapter TwentySigned
I am so excited to see this finished. But before I read the ending I want to reread it all so I can really enjoy the meddling familiars all over again... so off I go to chapter one. I promise to leave a real review after I read the entire story.

Jong_Kahn2018.02.22 - 03:48AM20: Chapter TwentySigned
Yes, Thunder--by all means don't let your familiar start to deeply consider how all the romantic pairings fell so neatly into place! It would never do to have the humans start to realize how THEY were manipulated, would it? Still, as welcome as this chapter was (and IS--thank you, thank you for coming back to write and finish this!), it has the feel of an expedient ending. Certainly you tidied it all up with a bow, gathering all the loose ends neatly. You surprised us with Lucius as Headmaster of Hogwarts, as well as the demise of the Hogwarts Express. Ah well, things change--next thing you know, they'll be using ballpoint pens and felt-tip markers there, instead of quills and parchment! My only real quibble is the sole mention of Hermione and Severus being in the penultimate paragraph, no mention of all those re-done potions texts, or how good it was to not have Peeves around by those who remembered. Heck, even your last sentence was SO understated, it felt dismissive of all the plotting done by the familiars. Believe it or not, I mean this in a much more positive tone than it might feel like. I'm glad you came back to finish up this tale--we all appreciate it. The feeling of abruptness comes from so much of your hard work in the rest of the story not even meriting a mention in a paragraph or two before what you did write. Thanks for all your work, though!

Author's Response: *grin* - I do wonder what you would have said about some of my drafts of this chapter. I had one draft where Severus and Hermione never got married at all (to the dismay of their Familiars), and another (set far in the future) where they were ghosts. I think I left a few loose ends dangling around, but not enough to be sequel-worthy. At least, not until I finish Future Perfect and Varlet.

adelgado2017.01.19 - 02:07AM19: Chapter NineteenSigned
yeay! They are moving forward. Thanks for writing.

Pixie Dust2016.10.06 - 03:42PM19: Chapter NineteenSigned
This is interesting. I am looking forward to an update.

AussieWolf2016.09.28 - 06:36PM19: Chapter NineteenSigned
-does the update dance- I'm so excited this story will be finished! It's one that I've been watching for awhile (from the shadows over yonder, all shifty af). I've really enjoyed your take on the familiars and how they fit into the lives of their witches and wizards in ways most of us never considered. It's also nice to see so many happy endings coming together. Glad Lucius and Xia finally stepped in to give Severus a gentle prod in the right direction! Thanks for not giving up on us!

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