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Reviews for Catspaws

adelgado2017.01.19 - 02:07AM19: Chapter NineteenSigned
yeay! They are moving forward. Thanks for writing.

Pixie Dust2016.10.06 - 03:42PM19: Chapter NineteenSigned
This is interesting. I am looking forward to an update.

AussieWolf2016.09.28 - 06:36PM19: Chapter NineteenSigned
-does the update dance- I'm so excited this story will be finished! It's one that I've been watching for awhile (from the shadows over yonder, all shifty af). I've really enjoyed your take on the familiars and how they fit into the lives of their witches and wizards in ways most of us never considered. It's also nice to see so many happy endings coming together. Glad Lucius and Xia finally stepped in to give Severus a gentle prod in the right direction! Thanks for not giving up on us!

loreen772016.09.17 - 05:45PM19: Chapter NineteenSigned
I love the idea of a series of compendium books. What a lovely sounding dress, I know Hermine will look beautiful in it.

adelgado2016.02.15 - 09:23PM18: Chapter EighteenSigned
always glad to get rid of Peeves. But can he 'come back' form such a fate? Looking forward to the next chapter. thanks for writing

Author's Response: No, Peeves is gone for good - at least in Catspaws.

Jong_Kahn2016.01.22 - 01:35PM18: Chapter EighteenSigned
So Tom Riddle actually did one useful, good thing: he provided the way to permanently entrap Peeves. Good chapter--and glad to have you back.

Author's Response: I've even got a page of the next chapter written!

Jong_Kahn2016.01.21 - 02:08AM10: Chapter TenSigned
I chuckled when I read the mention of the plaid pooka, since she is one of my favorite authors here. I believe you may be becoming one, too. I'm glad you've come back to write some more for us--thank you!

Author's Response: I've spent a couple years concentrating on my own stuff, but recently got inspired to finish up Catspaws. After that, who knows?

loreen772016.01.20 - 07:53PM18: Chapter EighteenSigned
Hi again. I am so glad to see you back with a new chapter. I love this story and gladly reread from the start. Bye bye Peeves. Yup, figured it has to be Tom. Great idea to have Peeves enter the trap to fetch the felines. I look forward to the next installment.

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