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Reviews for Salazar's Heir

snapefan19832014.09.29 - 09:51PM2: Songs Of The UnicornsSigned
if hermione loses her virginity will the unicorns be able to came when she plays the flut???

chrissyseebs2006.04.30 - 10:22AM2: Songs Of The UnicornsSigned
you do a good job of describing the unicorns, they seem so cute!!

pickles2004.10.23 - 05:13PM2: Songs Of The UnicornsSigned
good chapter

babyred06332004.08.08 - 12:28AM2: Songs Of The UnicornsAnonymous
I decided to check out this story and it really intrigued me..can't wait to read the rest :D

WendyNat2004.01.06 - 11:12AM2: Songs Of The UnicornsAnonymous
Again, I love this story... I can't wait to re-read it as you post it on this site. I still really like this line: "Odd they had never realised that he had refereed a Quidditch game during the day and had not dropped dead in the middle of it. " So much for the vampire theorists ;)

Clair Snape2004.01.05 - 06:58PM2: Songs Of The UnicornsSigned

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