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Reviews for Tangled Webs

Roma 2018.11.04 - 02:25PM3: Chapter 3Signed
Very good ending!

amastarswati2015.07.22 - 09:50AM3: Chapter 3Signed
Hey this is a lovely and extremely promising start to an alternate ending to the Deathly Hallows with HG/SS pairing. It is a gripping tale with superb plot line and in character characterization of HG and SS. I absolutely loved this story. Its a pity that you abandoned such a promising plot. Thank you for sharing such a well done set of stories. I have read nearly all of your stories and this is one of my most favorite AU stories. You are an awesome writer dear. I would sincerely request you to consider resurrecting this story in a sequel. I just cannot wait to see how you route this story. I'm really curious to see how Severus helps the Order with Hermione's help while pulling a fast one on Voldemort along with development of affection for each other. Also if the Order can accept Severus back even grudgingly? Pls consider restarting this story. Do not abandon this promising plot.

lindamanigua2013.11.10 - 10:04AM3: Chapter 3Signed
Oh, but this is great. I love the smart-Snape... if you can't Occlude against Voldemort, make everything look as if it's part of the plan. (Clearly, I choose to think he's on the side of good in this fic.)

loreen772013.06.09 - 12:05PM3: Chapter 3Signed
Well done, so hard to decide if he is bad or good....

loreen772013.06.09 - 10:51AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Wow, this is pretty dark....very emmotional and raw feeling.

TequilaNervous2011.12.22 - 01:09AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Well...I don't know what to think about this story. I liked it, even with the violence. Snape was always very dual, but in the end we knew he was sacrificing everything for the greatest good...sometimes, I find Dumbledore as manipulative as Voldemort...

Tangerine Dream2009.10.12 - 05:37PM3: Chapter 3Signed
What a wonderful story. Poor Severus! He is truly caught between a rock and a hard place, because no matter which way his allegiances lie, he will always have to watch his back. He is never completely trusted by either side.

Maria2009.10.01 - 12:06AM3: Chapter 3Signed
Just read this again and loved it, once again! Excellent stuff :) I'm curious on your take regarding the ending - is SS on the side of the light?

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