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Reviews for The Plushie Problem

pottohipamus2014.06.21 - 09:51PM1: The Plushie ProblemSigned
It's a testament to your talent and dedication that you are able to take such a preposterous, off-the-wall idea and develop a sweet, not-corny story. Kudos! Kudos to HogwartsHoney as well for originality and creativity.

LuckysCharm62014.04.04 - 01:31AM1: The Plushie ProblemSigned
Cute, sweet and funny! Too bad there wasn't a follow-up!

Jadecadence2013.08.15 - 11:21AM1: The Plushie ProblemSigned
... u can continue this surely? :) pretty please x 77777

Jong_Kahn2013.02.07 - 01:53AM1: The Plushie ProblemSigned
I read this some years ago, and--thank you, Random!--once again now. Cannot believe I never reviewed it before. So here's a "10" for you, and I'll favorite it, too (though I think I already did that). Thanks for one of the snuggliest Snape stories around!

Ravyn2012.01.26 - 10:32AM1: The Plushie ProblemSigned
HAHAHAH! A pink flamingo? how undignified Severus must have found it, and yet it was an absolutely perfect story! I loved it. Would like to see more chappies. :)

calebmoss2011.12.15 - 09:06AM1: The Plushie ProblemSigned
That was hilarious - a pink fluffy flamingo? really? and yet so convincing! Great job on the challenge.

loreen772011.01.02 - 01:03AM1: The Plushie ProblemSigned

fynnsmom2010.07.02 - 08:09PM1: The Plushie ProblemSigned
That was very entertaining. I loved it! I could see the huge pink flamingo undergoing all of the indignities. I'm happy that Snape had this rare opportunity to get to know Hermione. Great story.

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