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Reviews for Fade

Jong_Kahn2015.04.10 - 12:09AM1: One-shot StorySigned
A fine representation of growing past grief. Nicely done.

Sue Donym2014.10.06 - 10:37PM1: One-shot StorySigned
Very poignant and realistic. I like reading stories like this once in awhile to clean my feels out. ::wipes tears away::

joan_glover2013.10.24 - 07:16PM1: One-shot StorySigned
Thank you. I experienced this story as moving and profound. Yes, I've lost someone, but your words gave form to feelings that were just out of my reach then. I will carry your story with me.

loreen772013.05.29 - 08:45AM1: One-shot StorySigned
I weep, yourmost poinantly written story ever. I beautiful sad masterpiece.

fallconsmate2013.03.18 - 02:40PM1: One-shot StorySigned
oh, oh, oh. i cried and cried, because YES, this is so much what it is, the fading of memories till they aren't so sharp...then they are, and pierce your soul. even when you're happy again. and the grace it takes for the second person to say, "i know, and i love you". thank you for this. :)

Loriana2012.02.15 - 02:02PM1: One-shot StorySigned
Damn! I really like your writing and have read nearly all of your stories. This was unbelievebly sad and I cried buckets. I am not sure whether to thank you or curse you but next time I need a good cry I will read this again. WOW!

Ssibn2012.01.25 - 07:58PM1: One-shot StorySigned
Your writing is amazing. I don't usually cry when I read sad touching stories but I did for this one.

Jenniemay2011.09.20 - 07:31PM1: One-shot StorySigned

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