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Reviews for Darkness

loreen772014.01.11 - 11:21AM1: DarknessSigned
I weep. That was sad and beautiful.

Buggy2013.03.05 - 07:03AM1: DarknessSigned
Heartbreaking yet powerfully written. Superb, thank you!

orm irian2006.08.14 - 11:55AM1: DarknessSigned
I'm not sure why, but this piece, especially the last line, reminds me of a line from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. Specifically, the borderland saying, "May the last embrace of the Mother welcome you home." (which they say at burials) Melancholy, but with a certain beauty and comfort. This was a very nice 'snapshot' of Severus' state of mind.

merryweather2006.08.13 - 11:25AM1: DarknessAnonymous
*sniff* Beautiful, poor Sev. Just one hitch, the darkest part of the night is the hour before sunrise (realising I sound like Hermione).

Maggie2006.08.12 - 09:02AM1: DarknessSigned
Very well written.

wartcap2006.08.11 - 11:51AM1: DarknessSigned
Very nice indeed. Beautiful descriptive work. Clatterjaw xxx

StormySkize2006.08.11 - 10:23AM1: DarknessSigned
Since I'm a sucker for a happy ending, I can't help but be sad over this piece. All that aside, however, it was very well-written and evocative. Great job. (Should carry a 2-hanky warning, however.)

droxy2006.08.11 - 07:38AM1: DarknessSigned
I know I've read this before, but it is still evocative.

Author's Response: Thanks, Droxy! And I *will* get Catspaws finished one of these years.

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