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Reviews for A Choice of Roads

talesofsnape2011.07.13 - 03:12AM27: Be My Guest, Part 2Signed
SIgh! Even if I hadn't switched sites, this would have been worth waiting for. Of course, since I'm an instant gratification sort of hussy, I'm very glad I came here.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. :)

Sycophant Harlot2009.07.27 - 11:47PM27: Be My Guest, Part 2Signed
I love this story. Severus remains his snarky self despite his deep love towards Hermione. You continue to draw my interest even though their relationship (in my opinion) is quite stable.

ElectricBloo2008.03.29 - 01:30PM27: Be My Guest, Part 2Signed
Cheers for posting.

E Stelex2007.06.17 - 06:22PM27: Be My Guest, Part 2Signed
OMG! You're back, what a relief. I think I've read your tale at least twice already. It's one of the most realistic portrayals of our favoite couple I have yet read. Outstanding premise, BTW. I am so glad you've not abandoned us. Thanks again!

June W2007.06.09 - 03:40AM27: Be My Guest, Part 2Signed
(whimper.... whimper....) update, please?

minuet992007.04.22 - 11:28AM27: Be My Guest, Part 2Signed
I could've sworn I left a review for this and it appears that I did not. Subversa introduced me to your story and I just am adoring it. The lemon scenes are devestatingly hot and touching and tender and...and... But you have delicately crafted a plausible canon (versus fanon) situation in which our two favorite characters meet and get to know each other better. I throughly enjoy your Hermione and your Snape. Thank you for writing this and I hope to read more when you have the time to let us know what happens next.

Author's Response: Thanks for your kind review! *bows* I'm currently working on the next chapter (when I can grab the spare time,of course), and hope to have it posted soon...

sweetbriargirl2007.04.12 - 10:37PM27: Be My Guest, Part 2Signed
I loved this story. There is such an inherent sweetness throughout the entire story that I feel excited and comforted at the same time. It is like the "exsquisite pain," as I want to know what is happening next, yet I am satisfied with what is in the now. Thank you so much.

skyedancer2006.09.26 - 01:02AM27: Be My Guest, Part 2Signed
waiting to see the ring come into play here......the second trip ( to gringots) was a subtle clue..I baked you a double chocolate cupcake, but it got squished in the floppy drive...

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