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Reviews for A Choice of Roads

talesofsnape2011.07.13 - 02:33AM26: Be My Guest, Part 1Signed
This chapter wouldn't load at OWL when I tried to get at it via my email update link, and I'm so glad it didn't now that I see how man more chapters I have to cherish this morning.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. :)

ElectricBloo2008.03.29 - 09:58AM26: Be My Guest, Part 1Signed
Cheers for posting.

kitten2006.09.07 - 12:31PM26: Be My Guest, Part 1Anonymous
i have this story on ff.net, but could you please post the reast of chapter 24 on that site ? i was a member here before, but now it won't except any passwords from me for some reason, so i can't read the rest of the chapter here, and i realy want to finish reading it.

plush2006.09.04 - 03:28PM26: Be My Guest, Part 1Anonymous
hi, i was a member here before, but then my coumpter chrashed and i lost everything. now i keep trying to rejoin by typeing my old password and the passwords they send me, but everytime they say that the password is not in their database. i've emailed the staff about this but never got a responce. do you know what's going on? the parts of the story that the site would let me on to were very good.

vampire_exotica2006.08.08 - 10:31PM26: Be My Guest, Part 1Anonymous
Oh I cannot wait for the next chapter. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat, ready to melt into a puddle because I know I will! I love this. I love how your writing flows!

Barbara2006.08.07 - 02:38PM26: Be My Guest, Part 1Signed
YAY, you updated! And what a wonderful chapter - I barely can wait to read the second part. Oh you admins, please do hurry! ~ apisa_b

Author's Response: Thanks for that! The second part is definitely in the queue (and also at fanfiction.net).

Betz2006.08.06 - 01:48PM26: Be My Guest, Part 1Signed
SQUEE!!! YOU UPDATED! *Big sigh!* Oh, so much building anticipation, so much hunger, so much restrained desire. I am aching to read the next installment. How soon before part 2 posts? I'm really anxious to read it and see what happens once they are alone in his home. Be still my beating heart!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for your kind review! It shouldn't be too long before the next part is posted...

Subversa2006.08.05 - 08:56AM26: Be My Guest, Part 1Signed
This long, slow, simmering seduction has been moving, enticing, and disturbing. Though I have been following the story for only a matter of hours, rather than months, I eagerly anticipate the remainder of this chapter, with the rest of your fans -- we are not breathing as we wait, I promise you.

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