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Reviews for Invictus

loreen772014.01.11 - 07:24PM12: Chapter TwelveSigned
Wonderful story, very creative. I enjoyed it a lot!

loreen772014.01.11 - 04:42PM8: Chapter EightSigned
Death eater fudge, that has a nice ring to it. Can we have hos soul sucked now?

loreen772014.01.11 - 02:13PM1: Chapter OneSigned
What a grim start. Can't wait to see how it progresses.

pvb2012.10.23 - 03:57PM4: Chapter FourSigned
I see the value of transferring the souls into a less breakable jar, but I don't really see the purpose of breaking the original jars, especially since seeing any of the living Soulstruck wizards to which the broken jars belonged would negate the breaking of said jars. The prisoners would have to remain in hiding forever, so being free would be moot.

pvb2012.10.23 - 03:48PM3: Chapter ThreeSigned
It's so horrible to see how broken Severus is, physically and mentally. Great anticipation for his healing now. Aberon's 'antidote' is rather ingenius; in a way, he's inadvertently given every Soulstruck Death Eater a possible second chance: if they are worthy of love, they would be set free.

pvb2012.10.23 - 03:39PM2: Chapter TwoSigned
Percy auction was interesting...can't imagine how complicated the feelings were in that transaction.

pvb2012.10.23 - 03:38PM2: Chapter TwoSigned
Mixed feelings about him being 30 Galleons: glad HG could afford him, yet, is he really that worthless to everyone else? Which probably just means he's not as culpable in other's eyes, so I guess that's a good thing. :) Never realized a name could be such a cliffhanger! Hm...is it Invictus? That would be so awesome!

pvb2012.10.23 - 03:31PM1: Chapter OneSigned
"Invictus" is such a great poem. Eager to see Snape's personification of it. :) Nice setup with the Prophet excerpts; the advertisement seemed quite official. Soulstriking is such an intriguing idea; it's like a magical lobotomy, but reversible, I'm assuming, since the higher functions are depressed? By the way, what does "be hanged for a sheep as a lamb."? never heard of that before...

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