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Reviews for Dark of the Moon

Ljpjcg2017.11.22 - 11:39AM1: Chapter OneSigned
Beyond intriguing and eagerly awaiting the next chapter. I know it's been 11+ years but I'm still hopeful!

nightciris2014.07.30 - 09:51AM2: Chapter TwoSigned
I originally stumbled across your story a few years ago, and now and again check back to see if it has been revived. So here's to hoping that you complete it! It has a wonderful start.

TequilaNervous2013.09.03 - 03:08PM2: Chapter TwoSigned
Too bad is not finished...I'd love to read more!

TequilaNervous2012.08.01 - 11:24PM2: Chapter TwoSigned
I just found this story and sadly is not finished...I'd love to read more of it if you ever write it again. I hope you do! Take care!! Rocio

Jong_Kahn2011.11.01 - 03:06PM2: Chapter TwoSigned
Aaugh! And you've stopped it here?! Poor Severus is STILL in his state of suspended animation, waiting for you to give Hermione more actions, to bring him back to life! Not to mention the rest of us are waiting, as well! Seriously--I do hope you've intended to finish this story, as it is quite a good beginning. It deserves to be finished. Thanks for all the work you've already done on it.

Author's Response: It's not abandoned, just dormant. It will eventually be completed.

Jong_Kahn2011.11.01 - 02:54PM1: Chapter OneSigned
Hmm. Why do I have the feeling that the big iron key may fit something beneath that trap door? Your atmosphere for the funeral was very well done, and certainly appropriate for Snape! But what I liked most was the throwaway humor in his will, especially: "To Minerva McGonagall, I leave...my china teapot with the Slytherin crest," and "To Filius Flitwick, I leave...my copy of Cheering Charms for Champs and Chumps." Love the fact you just drop them casually, in passing! Nicely done!

Author's Response: By now, you know about the key. I'm glad you liked how Snape did his will. It was meant to lighten the mood a little. Your reviews are always a pleasure.

Amortentia2006.09.15 - 07:46PM2: Chapter TwoSigned
Oh my. You can't leave this stopped at this spot. I started reading this without my glasses , with my nose awfully close to the screen and then I went back for my glasses and read it again. Please update soon. May your Muse sing and your time be your own.

Blaise2006.09.11 - 12:18AM2: Chapter TwoAnonymous
i love this story. you are a man of genius if u were not married i would have you 4 myself with such imagination i doubt ur wife deserves you. pls continue im dieing to read of the deciding factor in hermiones decision. love your future wife

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