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Reviews for Unintentional Amour

marisamarinee2015.01.26 - 09:21PM4: Getting More Than His DutySigned

loreen772013.06.19 - 11:48PM8: What Duty?Signed
Fun bedtime story.

loreen772013.06.19 - 11:05PM1: Doing His DutySigned
Love the idea of harry's relattive watching vamp tv, brillant.

Jong_Kahn2011.04.27 - 02:07PM8: What Duty?Signed
You did a pretty good job fitting in those sentences. Enjoyable story! Nice job! Thanks for all your work.

Jong_Kahn2011.04.27 - 01:34PM1: Doing His DutySigned
God bless "Random"! I run into some pretty nifty stories that way--like this one! Great start--and I love Snape's presence coinciding the the vampire movie--heh!

multi_mistress2009.06.27 - 10:45AM8: What Duty?Signed
Amazing! Simply Amazing! Loved This Story! (Smiles)

nimath7722009.06.05 - 11:54PM8: What Duty?Signed
I just wanted to tell you that I have read a few other stories based on this challenge, and never before have I seen the book quotes fit so seamlessly into the story. Usually it seems so forced, but in almost every chapter I had no idea which lines were from the books until you noted it at the end. Thanks for an enjoyable read!

FireBlade2008.12.06 - 09:00PM8: What Duty?Signed
I really liked this story, I liked reading the excerpts and guessing what the phrases are that you used. I think you incorporated the quotes very well done.

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