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Reviews for Shining Through

Eszther2016.12.06 - 10:31AM1: Shining ThroughSigned
Lovely! Thankfully he hadn't forgotten a suncream - potion!

Jong_Kahn2013.02.08 - 01:22AM1: Shining ThroughSigned
I had to laugh with Hermione at the vision of Snape-as-Oompa Loompa! Good thing Severus let Hermione in (and she had her Howler quill), so that his orangeness could be remedied! Forgot I'd read this already. A fine little tale--thanks!

beaweasley22012.11.18 - 02:05AM1: Shining ThroughSigned
Ah, there were times I would have hugged him too. I love the descriptions of his opinions on Lockheart's book, Lockheart's potions skills, especially the teeth whitening! gads! I really like show you made a nice slow build between them. For a one shot, I never felt rushed. The pace was prefect and the conclusion left me smiling. Thankyou

Slytherin_Me2012.03.04 - 12:23AM1: Shining ThroughSigned
I am positively horrid for not reviewing this sooner, or any of your amazing tales!! (Send Sev to punish me..) I wholeheartedly LOVE your work..you are brilliant beyond words! This tale is so sweet and just perfect, truly. I just *had* to look up that locale in Italy, the first time I read this.. Le sigh!! How I'd love to visit one day (with my very own Severus!!) ;-) I loved Severus' transformation, both inside and out. Such a lovely story, full of hope and happiness.. If only I could find myself so lucky one day. Thank you for sharing your maginificent works..please don't ever stop!

Alexa19932011.10.15 - 07:40PM1: Shining ThroughSigned

Jong_Kahn2011.06.21 - 01:28AM1: Shining ThroughSigned
Quite an enjoyable confection! Thank you for writing!

loreen772011.01.01 - 12:03PM1: Shining ThroughSigned
lovely and fun to read

iris m2010.11.09 - 03:10PM1: Shining ThroughSigned
wow...now that was sweet,l liked it alot :)

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