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Reviews for A Rose for Hermione

dashzap2015.02.22 - 11:40PM1: Only ChapterSigned
Pretty much the saddest, most disturbing story I've ever read. Well written.

PotionsGal142012.11.26 - 03:17AM1: Only ChapterSigned
You know I love all your stories, I have to say that I thought twice before I read this one. I almost knew it would be something like what I read. I read it about three hours ago and I can still see the images in my mind. Very well played Southern Witch, this was darkly disturbing. Love can very quickly turn to obsession and madness. It was really very disturbing and brilliantly written. My hats off to you girl, you knocked it out of the mental asylum with this story.

loreen772011.05.13 - 11:47PM1: Only ChapterSigned
Poet and heartbreaking. Love it.

Ravyn2011.01.11 - 07:17PM1: Only ChapterSigned
This story was sad, but at the same time, it was very sweet...in a morbid sort of way. She loved him enough to spend the rest of her life attemtping to bring him back. By the way, when she mentioned the bone in her foot, would the spell she used be similar to the one Voldemort used?

Sion Alphaios2010.11.07 - 11:16PM1: Only ChapterSigned
I totally recognized the influence from "A Rose for Emily" (It was one of the many stories I once used to freak my friends out with). The story in itself is still a bit creepy with from its influences but it's sadder considering it's about characters I knew I liked before they went, er, crazy... Cool story, though, nonetheless... ::nearly cried::

annabelle2010.10.15 - 09:37PM1: Only ChapterSigned
Hahahaha!!!! “Friends don’t let friends live with dementors.” Hilarious line. Good work!!

miraculousm2010.06.25 - 06:42PM1: Only ChapterSigned
Indeed, creepy but somehow sweet at the same time. *wipes tears for 'Mione and Snape.

StephB2009.04.14 - 05:28AM1: Only ChapterSigned
Good read...i was feeling a little morbid to begin with. thanks XD.

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