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Reviews for Trespassers

ASchaffalit2014.01.31 - 08:03PM1: TrespassersSigned
Beautiful - a young centaur with his bow and arrows, watching over our hesitating main characters - I believe?? or no?? almost Classical Greek. -now if only Severus would let her show her love...

loreen772011.06.19 - 10:16PM2: At The Core Of ThingsSigned
Unique pov, i especially enjoyed the wand.

chrissyseebs2006.07.02 - 08:42PM1: TrespassersSigned
so far--not quite getting it

dracontia2005.12.22 - 01:40PM2: At The Core Of ThingsAnonymous
Wand's eye view...intriguing. Please accept a vote of chocolate confidence from the dragonlady.

Britomart2005.06.03 - 02:43AM2: At The Core Of ThingsSigned
What a fascinating story! I have never seen these perspectives!

medicdaddy2005.03.17 - 12:38AM2: At The Core Of ThingsSigned
What a very interesting twist. congratulations , the confussion and the enlightenment were very well played. I was so caught up in trying to figure out to whom the voice was comeing that it wasnt until the end that i realized that the story was finished. Talk about captvating the audiance. Bravo and oncore.Hope to read more from you soon. Thanks Bill

pickles2005.03.16 - 07:54PM2: At The Core Of ThingsSigned
that was a neat story. never seen a story in perspective.

pickles2005.03.16 - 07:27PM1: TrespassersSigned
very interesting

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