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Reviews for An Accurate Prediction

Angelicminx2012.03.20 - 01:08AM1: An Accurate PredictionSigned
Brilliant! Such a sweet story! Adore it! Brava!

Alexa19932011.02.25 - 07:18PM1: An Accurate PredictionSigned

Tangerine Dream2008.04.06 - 12:37PM1: An Accurate PredictionSigned
Wonderful and clever concept.

MuggleBornWitch32007.10.13 - 10:24PM1: An Accurate PredictionSigned
Another great fic from you!! This one was very unique! I loved it!

Maggie2006.06.26 - 02:26PM1: An Accurate PredictionSigned
Loved it! The need of two people and bringing comfort to each other was very touching.

Hephastus2006.04.26 - 08:59PM1: An Accurate PredictionAnonymous
Wow. Very creative. Very well written. I accidentally read this and I'm glad I did. Thanks again.

Gen502006.01.20 - 09:47AM1: An Accurate PredictionSigned
I like this - although the explanation regarding the transfiguraton wasnt quite thorough (maybe Severus could have a book that was one-of-a-kind) I liked everything this implied, and it need not be rated for anything... wonderfully written. I wanted to read something I liked, was logical, and wasnt smutty

MollysSister2005.11.19 - 09:17PM1: An Accurate PredictionSigned
awww what a cute little ficlet. Thank you for the read!

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