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Reviews for Plea For A Death Eater

Lucretia1232012.03.21 - 09:01PM1: Plea For A Death EaterSigned
Loved it!

Alexa19932012.03.03 - 08:56PM1: Plea For A Death EaterSigned

Jong_Kahn2011.07.12 - 09:17PM1: Plea For A Death EaterSigned
Always gratifying when Hermione soothes Severus' mind. Good little story--thanks!

loreen772010.12.21 - 07:32PM1: Plea For A Death EaterSigned
i'm glad someone told off harry, he needed it. that was sweet and really poingnant.

Mafer_Potter2009.09.07 - 08:26PM1: Plea For A Death EaterSigned
Beautiful! ^3^ One of the cutest pieces I've ever read! And all so true!! All what Hermione said! :D I'm so glad somebody told Harry all that!

celithravien2007.08.15 - 12:22PM1: Plea For A Death EaterSigned
How sweet! :-)

Forte2006.05.24 - 07:16AM1: Plea For A Death EaterAnonymous
Justice on a sliver, cold platter. Bloody brilliant! Loved it. Realism, the cold hard facts, straight to the point with a little twist in retrospect, and just the right amount of warmth in between. Damn, if it were a food type, it'd definitely fall into the dark chocolate category. And I absolutely LOVE dark chocolate. Keep writing!

Snarky4Severus2005.09.20 - 10:51PM1: Plea For A Death EaterSigned
Squee!!! Oh the sweet and fluffy goodness. Hermione will alwaus have to defend Severus to Ron and Harry because those two boys are incredibly thick. Brilliantly done - with characters that behaved the way we expected!

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