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Reviews for Fallacious Tutor

loreen772013.05.29 - 09:30PM4: Learning Something NewSigned
Fun little story, nicely done.

loreen772013.05.29 - 10:07AM2: Professor SnapeSigned
Lol, that is great! Very sexyand sneeky!

loreen772013.05.29 - 09:02AM1: Instructing HermioneSigned
What naughtygirls, i love it!

Jong_Kahn2012.03.16 - 11:48PM4: Learning Something NewSigned
Thanks for a nice little bedtime story!

Jong_Kahn2012.03.16 - 11:39PM3: Apprentice HermioneSigned
Well, let's see: Hooch is direct to the point of rudeness, so is Snape. Maybe that directness isn't all they share, hmm? Glad to see there's a fourth chapter!

Jong_Kahn2012.03.16 - 10:18PM1: Instructing HermioneSigned
I like your premise, and I like your statement: "Women can beat men at their own game… anytime, anyplace—especially if they work together." Very true!

beaweasley22008.03.27 - 07:21PM4: Learning Something NewSigned
A sweet end to the story. I feel sorry for Parvati but I know she'll be all right. However, judging Snape's reaction in the pub, Hermione will undoubtly be getting her wizard!! Nice little story - and by no means vulgar! I loved this!

beaweasley22008.03.27 - 07:03PM3: Apprentice HermioneSigned
Oh, Hermione sure has Snape's interest peeked!! Hopefully he'll come around and let her break through his tough shell.

Parvati had a near miss? Poor girl. I do hope you plan on telling us who Hooch's and Snape's lovers are? Maybe Parvati got it wrong?

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