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Reviews for Forget Me Not

bluemooonie2015.09.21 - 03:17AM17: EpilogueSigned
Beautiful, bittersweet, and perfect

Dimplz2013.12.22 - 01:16AM17: EpilogueSigned
Good story. I loved how it was told in Snape's POV. I also liked how everything wasn't conveniently fixed in the end, however the ending was happy nonetheless.

zahraa2013.08.09 - 05:11AM17: EpilogueSigned
I have to say. This is one of the best stories ever written here that I've read. Simply marvellous. I love the part..."in sickness and in health." Thank you, for the wonderful story written.

prissygirl2012.07.24 - 04:42PM17: EpilogueSigned
It's been a few years since I read this, but it was definitely enjoyable the second time around! I just watched "The Vow" the other day and really wanted to read something similar involving our dear couple. Thanks again for obliging!

spunkalovely2011.09.17 - 01:38PM17: EpilogueSigned
This is so amazingly written! Absolutely beautiful

pyewacketsid2011.02.25 - 09:18AM17: EpilogueSigned
"In sickness and in health..." This is really, really beautiful.

SS Felton2011.02.09 - 05:53AM17: EpilogueSigned
I adoresd this. I simply love the stories where Severus cares for Hermione like this. It's selfish, I know, as it places so much stress on him but it also shows that sometimes love is more than earthly problems. This story signified that - the epilogue I mean. Thank You for the entire story. I'm glad I read it.

Jong_Kahn2010.04.10 - 09:49AM17: EpilogueSigned
Excellent story. I enjoyed everything, even the sad happy ending. Stories which prove Severus truly loves and admits he needs Hermione are always welcome. And the funniest line: "His black robes weren’t half as intimidating covered in cat hair." Thank you for all of your hard work.

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