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Reviews for A Choice of Roads

beaweasley22010.11.16 - 11:01PM24: No Turning BackSigned
I have to say that I'm enjoying this story (even thought there are a few canon diffs that throw me a bit) but over all - I CAN'T STOP READING IT!!! Okay, sorry for shouting - but it's good, the plot original (diff to do in this fandom) and the situations you have them go through are fun as well as sad, make me smile, smirk, laugh... I've told my friends to read this... yes. However, I really can't see all Hermione's friends behaving so cruelly toward her. Harry - he's bing a worse than a prat, Ron childish, and Remus - smack him, where does he get off judging anyone. As for Neville - his reaction was the worst, I know he was afraid of Snape, but really, Neville was always such a caring boy in canon, he tried so hard to make and have friends - I can't see him acting this way. I have to admit that I've enjoyed the Animagus bits, and the romps in the garden, but why hasn't the managers/owners of the retreat noticed anything? It's not like she's being all that discrete. And spending time in the library - it's a bit unbelievable that the times they have spent together has gone unnoticed. I mean there does't seem to be that many employees at this retreat place? and if the owner is that oblivious - it's just unrealistic. Please, take the last bit as just opinion or observation, not a critical gripe at all. I do - have been enjoying this story very much. and will read it to it's end. i just hope that some of her 'friends' come around. At least Lavender is not a total b!tch, and is still her friend.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. :)

ElectricBloo2008.03.28 - 08:29PM24: No Turning BackSigned
Cheers for posting.

JunoMagic2007.07.25 - 06:53AM24: No Turning BackSigned
Oh, I love that bit of juicy "extra" in this chapter. So many fanfic authors forget that there are other things besides intercourse that two people can do with each other if they are so inclined. That was hott!, original, and realistic. :-)

MollysSister2006.08.19 - 11:09PM24: No Turning BackSigned
I dont know if I ever mentioned it before but the vision Hermoine had of a future was chilling. Hair stands up on my arm unsettling. It really makes my skin crawl when Harry becomes so cold as an adult. You have painted him well in that regard. I hope Hermione can cut her losses with Ron & Harry. Truely they are below her. I shant miss them at all. On with the lemons!

Author's Response: Thanks for that! (bows)

namastejourney2006.07.15 - 06:39PM24: No Turning BackSigned
I REALLY hope you plan on continuing this one a bit more!

SidneySnape2006.07.06 - 02:40PM24: No Turning BackSigned
great as always. can't wait for the next chapter.

Alyssa Mayfair2006.06.16 - 07:57PM24: No Turning BackSigned
This story is wonderful! I've liked the slow build up between Hermione and Severus. I can't wait for them to make love. I am sure you will write the scene brilliantly.

kamelia2006.06.13 - 10:08AM24: No Turning BackSigned
oooooh, finally, lemons :) This was wonderful Imhilien... it was well worth waiting 24 chapters for, lol. What an amazing story! ~kamelia~

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