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Reviews for Forget Me Not

marisamarinee2014.08.22 - 12:48AM16: Chapter SixteenSigned
Aww I'm glad it ended that way

MuggleMaiden3942009.07.05 - 04:25PM16: Chapter SixteenSigned
This ending is bittersweet and powerful. It's a testament to their love that even memory loss can't ruin what they have. Great job!

Guinnevere2006.06.30 - 08:17PM16: Chapter SixteenSigned
Oh, dear. Those healers ought to be discharged, oughtn't they? No modern Muggle hospital would stand for that kind of... Actually, come to think of it, some doctors do have the most appalling bedside manner. But Hermione's brain damage doesn't seem to have impaired her too much, so maybe things will still be all right. Reading on... (Good chapter, btw.)

displacement2006.05.02 - 11:01AM16: Chapter SixteenSigned
ha ha!! an unhappy ending where the characters just deal with things and move on. realistic, but without loading on a lot of angst like some people like to do and call it 'realism'. this has been a fantastic story!

Teethlikeswords2006.05.01 - 12:43PM16: Chapter SixteenSigned
I loved this story. Even the happy ending was sad.

fireflights2006.02.19 - 08:34AM16: Chapter SixteenSigned
oh shoot! i wanted to see if they atayed together! oh well there is the eplogue so lets see what that hold shall we

NotSly2005.12.15 - 06:46PM16: Chapter SixteenSigned
Are you sure she wasn't just having him on? It reads that way, kind of. Like maybe she conspired with the nurse to imply that her memory is permanently gone. Either way, it's fine. I loved this story all the way through.

Author's Response: I'm pretty sure she 's not pretending. She's been having relapses like this the entire story so it's not as though I didn't prepare you for it. Thanks for reading!

WiccaWitch2005.12.09 - 02:32PM16: Chapter SixteenSigned
The story was excellent - I loved how it went up and down that she remembered a few things after time, but I hate the way it ended - it's not fair - so very not fair - she should have been able to remember something, but your story, and i liked it anyway. so there's gonna be an epilogue soon right....?

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