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Reviews for Dark Desecration

snapefan19832017.11.24 - 06:25PM1: Unwanted VisitorSigned

snapefan19832017.11.24 - 06:21PM1: Unwanted VisitorSigned
how can any visit of snapes be unwanted MEOWWWWWWW

bluemooonie2015.07.19 - 02:40AM3: Falling Upon Deaf EarsSigned
Officially the first story where I reallyndo t like poppy!!

bingohandjob2013.03.04 - 04:41PM4: Breaking FreeSigned
That is a darn fine ending! Nothing too fussy or overblown - perfect.

KhayoticSpaz2013.02.19 - 12:19AM4: Breaking FreeSigned
Thank you for sharing this story, your experience, and your strength, with this community. You are a beautiful writer and I am so happy for you that you use writing to explore and heal. <3

breastlady2011.09.15 - 02:51AM4: Breaking FreeSigned
You ended this well. If Snape had lived, I believe Hermione would have stayed with him for at least a while. He was the known. She was able to see that she had eventually evolved past simply being his whore to being his lover in his mind. Maybe even partner. I think he was falling in love with her. And developed a desire to actually see her happy. I believe he would have tried to make it up to her ,had he survived. But being with Harry, gives her her own power in the relationship. Even if she eventually were to fall in love with Snape they would need some serious couples counciling. If Snape had survived after she had known the will and read the letter, she still would have left him and I'm not certain she would ever go back. However, with him still alive it would be harder for her to get with Harry. Good story, actually.

breastlady2011.09.15 - 01:54AM3: Falling Upon Deaf EarsSigned
I am surprised at Poppy. I can't say why. I can't believe Hermione still believes he is trying to help Harry. Poppy would tell her, though that it doesn't matter anymore. He keeps the other death eaters away from them and feeds them.

breastlady2011.09.15 - 01:40AM2: TrespassingSigned
Well, that chapter answers a lot of my questions. Does Hermione know he is no longer serving the light, I wonder? If she doesn't yet know consciously, I believe she senses it. This Snape really isn't terrible difficult to imagine. It's probably more realistic. I'm really very glad that most of the time we imagine him differently.

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