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Reviews for Forget Me Not

Jong_Kahn2010.04.10 - 09:23AM15: Chapter FifteenSigned
ď 'I donít want nice, Snape. I want brave, honorable, intelligent, funny, and sexy.' How could he say no to that?" With these sentences, I have had to favorite this story, as they are the reason any of us here love Severus. Excellent, excellent!

Guinnevere2006.06.30 - 07:55PM15: Chapter FifteenSigned
Okay, I want to say just this: if you kill off Hermione now, I'm going to complain. Loudly. Other than the death's-door cliff-hanger, good chapter.

fireflights2006.02.19 - 08:11AM15: Chapter FifteenSigned
That bastard should be hung by his ankles and used as a bunching bag for the entire group before mercifully killed by Severus for what he has done!

avery2005.11.21 - 11:00PM15: Chapter FifteenSigned
Oh! I've only just started reading this, so I don't know your update schedule, but please don't leave it hanging there for too long! This story has turned into a riveting character drama. Even though Snape is completely in character, you've somehow made him likeable and sympathetic! And if you kill Hermione off.... *grr* Please update soon. Pretty please.

Author's Response: I constantly worry about characterization, so thank you! The end should be up soon.

feather2005.11.13 - 01:33AM15: Chapter FifteenSigned
no!!! can't leave it there. you have to update soon and give us all a happy ending. your story's great, i read through the whole thing today and i am still stuck to my chair for sitting so long. you make snape so romantic and unromantic at the same time. not the utimate good guy, but he's not all that bad either. and your hermione is great. strong and lively even if she's supposed to be in a vulnerable condition. i liked the idea that she didn't have to learn to love him again, just understanding how it happened since she already feels it. love your story. thanks for sharing..

Author's Response: Thanks, I constantly worry about the characterizations in this story. I want them to be real people as well as close to canon. I'm glad youlike and thanks for reading!

Adara2005.11.10 - 08:37PM15: Chapter FifteenSigned
Moody is nuts. I didn't peg his as important enough in the story to be the one. I guess I'm not as sharp as others... very well written though!

Author's Response: You're not the only one who didn't guess right. Thanks for reading!

Fraggle Grrrrrrl2005.11.10 - 01:59AM15: Chapter FifteenSigned
Oi, I've just finished chapter fifteen, and I can't wait to read more. Oh, goodness. They know who did it, and they know why. Come on, it's a quick tidying up with the memory thing and then they can go back to loving each other, hopefully with lot's of lemons. I can't wait. Just. Can't. Wait. Please update soon.

Author's Response: It's a bit messier than all that, but I'm working on it. Thanks for reading!

Potions_Mistress2005.11.07 - 01:42PM15: Chapter FifteenSigned
Moody? Well that was a bit unexpected =P but logical. Good chapter, as always. Hopefully Hermione will get better soon, if not at all. Can't wait for your next chapter! ~The Potions Mistress

Author's Response: Thanks for reading!

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