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Reviews for It's Never the Same

loreen772016.06.05 - 06:02PM1: It's Never the SameSigned
Interesting idea.

Maria2012.11.19 - 06:48PM1: It's Never the SameSigned
Wow. OOC much??? So she decides to sleep with Harry - who is like her brother - AND she leaves him blue balls? And everything gets so nicely wrapped up with Snape. Ugh.

Jong_Kahn2009.09.11 - 01:18AM1: It's Never the SameSigned
While I tend to thnk Severus wouldn't be so sanguine about her being with HARRY ("Potter!!"), this story did work, after all. I liked it; you did a nice job. Good-O!

amra2006.07.24 - 12:27AM1: It's Never the SameSigned
Good story... some great lines!

Megan Consoer2006.06.10 - 12:09AM1: It's Never the SameSigned
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters? Or can you write a sequel to this story please?

GinnyW2006.05.15 - 01:51PM1: It's Never the SameSigned
Awwww, that was sweet. She did the right thing in leaving Harry, although she should've came to her senses a bit sooner that it was 'just wrong'. Not fair to any of them... although you don't go into detail about how far Severus got, too. LOL! I did like it, very much. :) ~Ginny

winter_fresh2006.01.09 - 01:36AM1: It's Never the SameSigned
Sorry. I wrote a review before I read the others. I think that this story is about Hermione and Snape... Harry isn't all that important. Besides he'll understand

winter_fresh2006.01.09 - 01:35AM1: It's Never the SameSigned
you made me cryyyy. What a beautiful story.

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