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Reviews for Forget Me Not

displacement2006.05.02 - 10:28AM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
hmm, i'm starting to wonder if malfoy is the m they want :)

fireflights2006.02.19 - 07:37AM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
Snapey-poo! hah....sounds like something those jokers would say! i still hold firm that i think it was percy though.

keep2005.10.22 - 06:06PM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
Gah! Cliffhanger... sort of... ! We're so close to knowing what happened, and, as it were, whodunnit. Write faster!

Potions_Mistress2005.10.17 - 06:10AM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
Excellent Chapter, as always. Can't wait to see what happens at Malfoy Manor...update soon!

scully_m_2005.10.11 - 02:59AM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
So very very cute! Go kick malfoy's ass Snapey - poo!!!

Author's Response: Don't let him hear you call him that. ;-) Thanks for reading!

Esmine2005.10.10 - 07:55PM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
I am just really enjoying the lovestory between Snape and Hermoine, I'm a sap, I know. Any clues as to what's gonna happen at Malfoy Manor?

Author's Response: The clues are in the story. Thanks for reading!

jlgaudior2005.10.10 - 03:05PM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
so exciting! I can't wait! thank you

Author's Response: Thanks for reading!

wartcap2005.10.10 - 09:38AM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
Very exciting! Can't wait for the update.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading!

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