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Reviews for Forget Me Not

marisamarinee2014.08.21 - 10:54PM11: Chapter ElevenSigned
Is it Moody????

incrediable love2011.04.28 - 05:23AM11: Chapter ElevenSigned
i love your story so much. actually, i'm mad for it. i couldn't work or eat well until i finished all reading. it made me feel that they two should be together. it was their fate to be together. thanks again for your wonderful story.

Guinnevere2006.06.30 - 03:29PM11: Chapter ElevenSigned
The flashbacks are a good way to insert plot exposition, and are pretty smoothly done. Good job on yet another chapter!

Dark Lady Mara2006.01.12 - 07:39AM11: Chapter ElevenSigned
Did you invent the victrola? That was a very clever idea, and something that truly sounds like a JKR idea. I was a bit confused when I first read the bit about it spewed colored notes, trying to figure out if it was spitting out red and yellow Post-Its or something, until I finally got it. :p That part of the chapter was quite amusing.

Author's Response: Alright, here is a confession...I really thought that it was called a victrola but apparently they were called gramaphones or something like that. So yes, I invented it, just a little more than I thought. :)

Esmine2005.09.28 - 08:09PM11: Chapter ElevenSigned
I am really enjoying the dialogue between Hermoine and Snape, especially when they are have a good time, like the dancing scene. I alway appreciate good dialogue in writings! This seems like what real people would be talking about. This is probably a silly question, but are you going to include, in the next chapter or some time after, some of the letters they wrote to one another? I think that would be awfully sweet and it could be rather revealing in finding out how Hermoine's memory was taken away. Oh well, fab job, keep it up. I'm a fan, need the next fix.

Author's Response: I've thought about including the letters, because I think it would be nice to see too, but I'm not sure they will fit. They might be sacrificed to preserve flow. We'll see. Thanks for reading!

eleanora2005.09.27 - 08:58PM11: Chapter ElevenSigned
I loved this chapter. It's so relieving for them to grow closer and for them to have a lead on Malfoy. A good twist you could have is him not being the one who did it to her. You just want us to think it's him, don't you, you sneaky writer you. I am thoroughly enjoying your fic thus far, and love your portrayal of the characters. Although I should have mentioned it before, it's as if we're reading two romances at once when Snape tells Hermione about the beginning of their relationship. Just the right amount of angst and fluff. Delicious. Update soon!

Author's Response: It is like two romances isn't it. I was so worried in the beginning that it would be too confusing but it has worked out well I think. Thanks for reading!

Johann2005.09.26 - 10:40AM11: Chapter ElevenSigned
Great story! I'll be looking for updates!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading. Glad you're enjoying it!

ShadowHand2005.09.26 - 10:10AM11: Chapter ElevenSigned
AAAHHHHH! You need to post more! I kept on seeing this story but I was in the middle of about 100 others but I finally finished them and I stayed up till 2 in the morning reading this and and................ *takes deep breath* *grimaces at horrible run-on sentence* ........and you definitly need to write more to keep me sane, and grammatically correct! ShadowHand

Author's Response: Thanks for reading!

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