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Reviews for A Choice of Roads

ElectricBloo2008.03.28 - 07:22PM23: Looking AheadSigned
Cheers for posting.

MsKrum2007.08.21 - 09:33PM23: Looking AheadSigned
I've been reading this story for a while now and I really enjoy it ! I think that the characters are really well portrayed and that they interact really well with eachother ! You have a good sense of the characters ! ( I know that may seems like a weird review... I mean all of it in a good way ! ) I LOVE THIS FIC : ) A+ !

MollysSister2006.08.19 - 10:13PM23: Looking AheadSigned
Hello hello! I read the first 24 or so chapters back in 11/05. My dear friend Subversa recommended your story and so I am rereading it. I had forgotten how enthralling it is. I love the way their relationship is building slowly. I also appreicate your Lavender. She is a good friend to Hermoine and one reads that so seldomly in fan fic. I would have loved it if you had Hermione say "are you any good at transfiguration?" When Severus said she would only come back to see him for help in her course work! Snort! I love how she can tease him and he is getting used to her. Write on my dear write on !

Author's Response: Thanks for your kind review! I'm glad my story was recommended to you. :-)

Piristinity2006.02.07 - 12:26PM23: Looking AheadSigned
"Severus said severely" how nice that sounds ;) the chase part dragged just a tiny bit but the ending of the chapter I loved.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing...

Moonlit River2006.01.11 - 05:41PM23: Looking AheadSigned
Just in case no one's commented on this just yet, you've put, "mail from both her parents and HER Lavender," when I think you meant to just put "Lavender".

Author's Response: Oops, thanks for letting me know...

PhoneixTears2005.11.16 - 09:37AM23: Looking AheadSigned
I just read on your LJ that you are writting the next chapter of 'Roads', please update soon. I love the tale you are spinning!!

Author's Response: Thanks...yes I have written the next chapter and I'm planning to update soon...

le rouret2005.11.14 - 10:40PM23: Looking AheadSigned

MlleGigi2005.11.12 - 06:26PM23: Looking AheadSigned
Oi!! Isn't it about time we had an update????

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