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Reviews for Forget Me Not

marisamarinee2014.08.21 - 07:42PM8: Chapter EightSigned
:( so sad, hope Percy was just weaseling his was at an opportunity than really something and the selkie reference, is it a homage to a certain fic on here??

Barbara2006.04.18 - 12:36PM8: Chapter EightSigned
I have printed out the whole story and am reading it comfy on my sofa. Good for me - bad for you, because that way I'm not going to review as often as I would while reading it before my computer.
But at this point of the story I simply *had* to review - you really had me reduced to tears with that last chapter. **Applauds** You have written an amazing story and I am really eager to get back to reading it further....

drantersend2006.01.17 - 06:43PM8: Chapter EightSigned
Yay for Virtue Missing! Personally I would be rather shocked to see a unicorn run away from me if I beleived myself to be inncocent in those ways. Actually I would be shocked enough if I saw a unicorn, but that's beside the point. I really love this story, you are an amazing writer in my opinion, and I look forward to reading more of your work once I'm finished with this. I am imensly Sorry that I don't reveiw all your chapters, I love them all I promise it's just that I really doubt you want to read the same thing over and over again. I know it will kill me if I was forced to. So anyways on to happier time as you have so promised...

kristina11120032005.11.12 - 02:54PM8: Chapter EightSigned
this is such a great unique story! i cant wait to read the rest! Kristina

Author's Response: Thanks, Kristina!

jlgaudior2005.10.09 - 05:43PM8: Chapter EightSigned
fantastic details...I love your story! Thank you!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading!

TragicFantasy2005.08.22 - 11:56PM8: Chapter EightSigned
Woohoo! Happier times starting next chapter! Definitely looking forward to that. Not that this chapter wasn't good, it was. Poor Hermione, I feel so bad for her.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading!

MollysSister2005.08.22 - 09:15PM8: Chapter EightSigned
well anytime there is "righteous anger" I am on board! I am very much enjoying your story. Its nice to see in Servus' mind, not always the manipulator-but your Snape who is trying to find his wife in the shell of Hermoine that is left him. Please post again quickly.

Author's Response: Underneath it all he is just a man, and an very insecure one at that. The next chapter should be up soon and thanks for reading!

sophierom2005.08.22 - 02:10PM8: Chapter EightSigned
I'm dying to know how this happened to her. And though the story is sad right now, it's also very romantic. Perhaps not in a traditional sense, but Snape really does love her. When he puts her to bed, takes care of her ... it actually makes me think of couples who have grown old, and perhaps one of the pair has lost her mind, or has some illness that requires the other partner to become a caretaker. That sort of dedication is moving ... but also very sad. Glad to hear there are happier times in sight!

Author's Response: I find I don't write "traditional" romances. I don't usually read them either, so I guess that's why. But I'm glad that someone else thinks that this is more than just sad. I think some readers are put off by the amount of angst, but it does get better...as you well know you sneak! Thanks as always for the review Sophie!

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