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Reviews for Forget Me Not

Jong_Kahn2010.04.10 - 02:57AM6: Chapter SixSigned
I'm reading this nearly five years since you wrote it. It's a good story, and I'm enjoying it. The last paragraph is the best one in the chapter. I liked the whole thing: " 'I will go with you,' he said softer. She turned back to him and smiled. Its brilliance lit up the room, and he knew that he had done the right thing. It was moments like these that he understood the meaning of love. She had been through so much recently; the least he could do is accompany her to the Burrow for Christmas, no matter how awful the idea appeared to him. More importantly than that was the fact that she wanted him to accompany her. It was another small step in the right direction."

merrclm2005.08.15 - 03:29AM6: Chapter SixSigned
Well maybe Snape will learn something this time around after all. Hermoine might too. Very good story. Cindy

Author's Response: I think they will both learn to appreciate what they have before they lose it. Thanks for reading!

TragicFantasy2005.08.13 - 11:59PM6: Chapter SixSigned
This is a lovely story. I love the memory scenes the best, they're so sweet. Update soon please. ^_^

Author's Response: I like the memory scenes a lot too, mainly because most of them include happier times for our couple. Thanks for reading!

cryingoddess2005.08.12 - 09:00AM6: Chapter SixSigned
Awwwwww!! *sobs* Severus is so dreammyyyyy!!! Love your story, can't wait until you post the next chapter!

Author's Response: hmmm, dreammyy you say? Not exactly what I going for but glad you liked it all the same. Thanks for reading!

scully_m_2005.08.12 - 06:04AM6: Chapter SixSigned
Ah he is such a sweety!

Author's Response: You think so? I suppose since we get to see his inner workings he comes off nicer than he would otherwise. Thanks for reading!

Adara2005.08.12 - 03:20AM6: Chapter SixSigned
Very lovely story, please continue.

Author's Response: Thanks! And don't worry there will be plenty more to come.

sophierom2005.08.11 - 11:19PM6: Chapter SixSigned
Ah, now there's the Snape we know and love! (I read your new one-shot a few hours ago; loved it, but am always happy to see a redeemable Snape. ;-D)

He's really learning to bend and compromise. Hooray! But I see he's still thinking in his Slytherin fashion. Nice job keeping him complex.


Author's Response: I like my Snape redeemable too, maybe undecided and self-serving but redeemable in the end. Thanks for reading Sophie!

Imhilien2005.08.11 - 09:05PM6: Chapter SixSigned
Another good chapter - do update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading Imhilien!

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