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Reviews for American Gothic

hot_stuff112013.05.17 - 03:57AM1: American GothicSigned
“her favorite Goth shop, The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black.” This was my biggest LOL! “His thin lips, foaming in outrage!” Oh no! Poor foaming Snape! “My sexy little Goth momma” Oh Dear Gawd. :P Picturing her “writhing and gibbering” beneath him had me giggling over my tea. :D

ickle_cat2012.08.19 - 07:13AM1: American GothicSigned
omg this was soooooo kewl :D:D:D:D:D this was very silly and very good, thanks for posting the rules with it, i was being bothered by all the fail spellings in the other ones in this category. less annoyed now :) interesting to think of hermione as a goth, makes me miss my goth days! little error: she had a septum piercing and an isabella piercing and the tongue was the most painful? think not :p

Nitocris2012.05.07 - 12:46AM1: American GothicSigned
Bahaha! This could have been as bad as that one by ebony raven something or other!

TequilaNervous2011.11.24 - 11:48PM1: American GothicSigned

Alexa19932011.10.16 - 04:35PM1: American GothicSigned

loreen772010.12.31 - 11:53PM1: American GothicSigned
say my name bitch........priceless. that was Great!

Yukimor2010.10.01 - 05:34PM1: American GothicSigned
"…I had no idea that you were as untouched and pure as the first winter snow." Closely followed by "Say my name, Bitch!" Brilliant. And true. I see so many fics where he whispers sweet nothing to her and then begins to swear and talk dirty like a jarvey. I mean, really. You just highlighted that perfectly. Very cliche. And then... ' Suddenly, Hermione knew the truth. Severus Snape was not the horrid and nasty person he portrayed to the world. He was simply misunderstood. The poor, sweet man! (A/N: Don’t you just want to pick him up and hug him? Squeeee!!)' Yes, actually, that just made me want to find a chibi Snape doll and hug it. For lack of nothing better to hug. 'Once there, she distracted the boys from their annoying questions by setting up the Muggle CD player she had charmed to work at Hogwarts.' Yes, we all know about the amazing Hermione Granger who can do anything-- if she can't do it, nobody can! And ladies and gentlemen... I give you... the amazing magically-charmed still-playing Muggle CD player! And lastly... '“Of course I’d like another romp with the Slytherin Sex God,” she purred, “but I’m afraid I have to tell you something important. I know it’s only been three days, but I’ve just discovered that I’m pregnant!”' Can I tell you how many times I've seen this cliche? "I'm pregnant!" Not that I'm not guilty of playing on it too (through my The Five Winters story) but how does she always, magically, somehow end up preggers? The only thing you left out was the "Sevvie darling, I'm keeping it! And I know you'll make a fantabulous father!" Otherwise, I'd like to take my hat off to you and your wonderful, giggle-worthy, chock-full of cliches one-shot. And I tip my hat off to LOTM for breaking your brain with her beta notes-- those must be some rather impressive beta notes! -Anubis Ankh

StaciDarling2010.07.30 - 11:59PM1: American GothicSigned
This was a terrible story. I just keep reading though. Excellent, and quite hilarious. I approve! Thanks for this! S

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