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Reviews for Seeking Her Snitch

loreen772013.05.29 - 10:19PM1: HoMione AppearsSigned
Omg, i lurved it....squeeee!! Seriously though, i laughed so hard. It was great!

hot_stuff112013.05.17 - 05:15AM1: HoMione AppearsSigned
“And,” Harry began, “I would like nothing more than to “seek” out your Snitch.” “Sorry, boys,” Hermione said smugly. “You had your chance last year. Looks like you’ll have to “beat” your Bludgers. All of this,” she moved her hands over her body, “belongs to the Potions master.” She gasped. “Damn. You weren’t supposed to know that until later on in the story.” “HOW COULD YOU DO IT, MIONE?” Ron bellowed suddenly. “HE’S A GREASY GIT! HE’S THE GREAT BAT OF THE DUNGEONS!” There are about 3,000 cliches all wrapped up into these three little parts here, and I just about DIED laughing! “Sturdy little things, aren’t they?” BAHAHAHA

asprickman2012.10.04 - 09:35AM1: HoMione AppearsSigned
Loved this, really funny, thanks x

Suedahling2012.09.27 - 09:35AM1: HoMione AppearsSigned
I laughed and laughed! You are really funny. Brilliant! I pronoune you Head Girl.

karmaray2012.03.06 - 01:18AM1: HoMione AppearsSigned
haha. The dialogue in the sex scene is especially fantastic.

asprickman2012.02.25 - 09:52AM1: HoMione AppearsSigned
So funny, made me laugh out loud. Sad to think I've read stories just like this but, depressingly, the authors seem to consider they've written something genuinely worthwhile. I loved this, thank you for including him picking up a book and even saving his place with a bookmark! Great stuff, thanks x

severus492011.09.20 - 10:07AM1: HoMione AppearsSigned
Why does the phrase "do you want this?" set my teeth on edge so badly??? EEEEEK! I LURVED this!!!! LOL! Too many clichés to count, and trite phrases, and clinical responses from Snape, and dear lord, it's just too funny!!!

deedeebug952011.08.05 - 11:28PM1: HoMione AppearsSigned
That was funny,funny,funny!!! It took mea minute before the light bulb went on...I somehow missed the word PARODY in your summary....lol!!!

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