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Reviews for A Big Night

Other2014.03.05 - 01:31AM1: Some CelebrationSigned
It was interesting.

Very interesting.

*rubs chin in bemusement*

peaches22008.04.23 - 05:50PM1: Some CelebrationSigned
i seriously hope you're going to expand this story and make it more then one chapter.

sessa2008.03.18 - 05:03PM1: Some CelebrationSigned
Very nice. Hmmm...now just how exactly would Severus react to a semi-tipsy Hermione declaring her undying devotion to him? I really do think this begs a sequel, don't you? ;-)

Alligatorade2007.05.10 - 05:52PM1: Some CelebrationSigned
really like it so far, hope you continue.

kamelia2006.06.30 - 03:46PM1: Some CelebrationSigned
very nice. ~kamelia~

Kid_e_katt2006.04.30 - 01:48PM1: Some CelebrationSigned
So how does Severus ruin the night? Let me know... i like it but am confused by what you're getting at.

darkShadow2006.02.11 - 12:26PM1: Some CelebrationSigned
Hey! I read your story just five minutes ago. I like the plot and I'd like a continuation. I'm sorry that I can't say you anything about the grammar, but I'm from Germany, so I'm not able to do this. The development of your story was very well in my eyes. Shadow

Pearle2006.01.11 - 02:50AM1: Some CelebrationSigned
Lovely. I like it ending at the point you did, I can imagine Severus's reaction to Hermione's declaration of love.

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