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Reviews for Cassandra Wept

HermioneSnapeFan19832013.06.09 - 06:44PM1: Cassandra WeptSigned
so hermione wasnt the one the predection was amed at but was amed at Trelawney?? surely not Trelawney but surely its armed at hermione?? High above Severus’ office, a distraught Sybill Trelawney stared at the shattered pieces the crystal ball she had thrown violently against the wall. Tears streamed down her face as she wailed, “It was me! It was supposed to be me he wanted!”

HermioneSnapeFan19832013.06.09 - 06:10PM1: Cassandra WeptSigned

TequilaNervous2011.11.26 - 07:56AM1: Cassandra WeptSigned
Wonderful story!! I'd love to read a sequel!!!

Jenniemay2011.06.29 - 09:05AM1: Cassandra WeptSigned
LOL. Don't play with predictions or you will end up one crystal ball less. Loved it. But we don't actually know which house she is in.

fynnsmom2011.01.26 - 07:55PM1: Cassandra WeptSigned
I didn't know that Trelawney was a Gryffindor. I didn't realize she was talking about herself as Severus' love interest. The ending was funny in a way. I guess because I didn't expect it. I really enjoyed this story. Great job.

loreen772011.01.01 - 12:32AM1: Cassandra WeptSigned
fun little ditty

ALANRICKMANFAN212010.02.16 - 06:01PM1: Cassandra WeptSigned
sequel please?

ALANRICKMANFAN212010.02.16 - 06:01PM1: Cassandra WeptSigned

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