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Reviews for Forget Me Not

marisamarinee2014.08.21 - 04:50PM2: Chapter TwoSigned
hmm, Malfoy, Mulciber?

babums2009.04.18 - 09:23PM2: Chapter TwoSigned
Im loving this story so far. The idea is just wonderful. I cant wait to see what happens.

JamesandLily4ever2008.06.09 - 07:20PM2: Chapter TwoSigned
Hm... and "M"? Could that mean Malfoy or Mione? Interesting... *wonders* 10/10!!! ~J+L4ever

chrissyseebs2006.08.13 - 09:00PM2: Chapter TwoSigned
what a delightful mystery...

Guinnevere2006.06.30 - 01:02PM2: Chapter TwoSigned
Hmm. 'M', 'M', 'M'... Now who could that be? (she asked facetiously.) I suppose you've come up with someone other than a Malfoy to be the bad guy, just to keep us all sniffing that ol' scent of red herring, but I'm a little surprised that at least the suspicion of Malfoy involvement didn't leap off the page of Hermione's planner, grab Severus by the throat, and wrestle him to the floor. The damn idea left me with not a few bruises, I can tell you! Good chapter.

Dark Lady Mara2006.01.12 - 03:19AM2: Chapter TwoSigned
"“I didn’t know that,” he said. She had never mentioned her lunches with Mr. Weasley. He wondered why she had never told him; she probably thought he wouldn’t have cared to hear about them. The thought suddenly made him sad." That was a very nice detail to throw in. It makes me wonder if he's not going to have as much to discover about her as she does about him. In a way, Hermione's losing her memories could be an asset to them as a couple. Good job!

Author's Response: It is definitely a wake up call for Severus.

i_read2005.12.16 - 10:26AM2: Chapter TwoSigned
i like his introspective looks at how their roles need to be different now, and how he realizes that he missed out on parts of her life by appearing - if not being - uninterested. i also like how you worked in part of the story of how they got together in the first place through the flashbacks and story he was telling her. the imagery of fitting together was lovely. a burned out book... i wonder what's up with that!

Author's Response: Thank you. The idea was to juxtapose the past and present, with her courting him and now with him courting her.

Moyruh2005.06.30 - 07:28AM2: Chapter TwoSigned
This is an intriguing story and concept. I like it, and hope to see more soon. The writing and some of the words seem stiff and unflowing, and even with Severus being Severus, and all that he has been through, I am finding the characterization to be a lil off. In my OPINION... if he cared about something enough (IE Hermione) to "put up" with it (IE Marriage), I dont think that he, even as Rowling -esque Snape would put up with it to be stolen/damaged/etc. Reference: He cares about his potions/ingredients/classrooms/etc, and doesnt put up with things 'messing' with them well (IE Neville). And with that, I cant see him not putting up much of a 'research' when she went missing... even if he didnt care about her that much, she is still HIS... ya know? I can see good characterizations in his reluctance to show emotions other than frustration and anger, but if he had been married to her for seven years? I mean, arranged marriages, they atleast develop an affection for each other and respect, and those who marry out of convience do as well (or they divorce far more quickly).... <-- from my own personal experience.... I also see him (in my brain he is a Pure blooded Wizard) and has the curtesy, manners, and etiquette that goes along with that... so thats another reason why I am having a lil bit harder time believing some of the things... BUT... one thing that is VERY believable is the not knowing why she married him, the every day expecting her to not be there (to have left), the wondering why she hasnt left, trying to push her away.... I havent been married, but I know what its like to wondering why some was with you, and all the other things... I suffer from severe depression, stemming from a chemical imbalance and severe emotional trama... Ionno about the chemical imbalance for him (but alcohol has been know to cause it), but from the hardships he has gone through and the life he has led and is still living, I can completely understand his way of thinking... the not looking for her (not wanting to see her with someone else/without someone else) is kind of ify... but I have heard of people doing that... Im just more used to the jealous rage ones... Anyways, I hope this has been atleast somewhat constructive critism.... Thanks for writing, keep it up, and I look forward to more updates on this fic.

Author's Response: I agree with you that Snape wouldn't put up with someone he cared about being stolen or damaged. And after Hermione returns and he learns what has happened he is determined to hunt down whoever did it to her. But he has always doubted why she married him, and has feared she will leave. When she is gone he doesn't look for her because he doesn't think that she is being hurt, but that she has left him. To look for her might mean finding her with another man. When he found her, he would have to really confront that she had left him, so instead he stays at home, locks himself away with a drink, and decides to avoid what he thinks is 'reality.' I've tried to convey that deep insecurity as well as the guilt that he feels over not looking. There will be more dealing with this issue in later chapters as well. What I don't agree with you on is that marriage would change Snape. This wasn't an arranged marriage, as you will see. It might certainly soften him some, but women who marry men in the hopes of 'changing' them are often disappointed. In my mind Hermione is pushy and forceful enough to put up with Snape. And Snape is prickly and forceful enough to put up with Hermione. Thanks for the review, and if you could point out specific things that sounded stilted in the future that would be a great help. ~Vanityfair

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