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Reviews for Forget Me Not

kender2015.07.25 - 11:44PM1: Chapter OneSigned
I don't know if you are still active and will see this message. I read an article on npr that reminded me of this story http://www.npr.org/2015/07/25/425655861/in-wondering-who-you-are-a-man-wakes-up-and-doesnt-know-his-wife?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=npr&utm_term=nprnews&utm_content=20150725 . I had recently re-read this and some of your other works because I really enjoy your writing, but after reading the article I just wanted to say that you really captured really well the possibility of what happens when someone suffers this kind of memory loss. So, bravo! I hope you will write something again soon so we can enjoy some more of your writing .

marisamarinee2014.08.21 - 04:36PM1: Chapter OneSigned
gosh this is really angsty!

HermioneFan212013.02.19 - 07:24PM1: Chapter OneSigned
Severus believed the worst had happened as well—not that she had been hurt or taken by anyone, but that she had simply left. He never knew what possessed her to marry him in the first place, but every morning he was surprised to see her still sleeping next to him. that would never happen hermione would never leave him she LOVES him!!

joannekei8152011.04.28 - 03:58AM1: Chapter OneSigned
love this story sooooo much! dancing with mione... enjoying in greenhous..... hurting himsleg for looking kiss from mione.... etc those sweet scenes 'd made me cry...

arkayle2008.10.21 - 01:02AM1: Chapter OneSigned
I thought you had a beautiful writing style. It's poignant, melancholic, and I particularly love the angst. Please write more, you're so gifted.

JamesandLily4ever2008.06.09 - 06:54PM1: Chapter OneSigned
Interesting concept... I shall read more. ^_^

PotionMaster2007.07.13 - 02:45PM1: Chapter OneSigned
Nice start! It really grabbed my attention. I haven't read much Snape/Hermione fiction but I am growing to love it. Off to read the next chapter now!

chrissyseebs2006.08.13 - 08:48PM1: Chapter OneSigned

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