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Reviews for It's Drabble Time Again

loreen772018.03.25 - 10:12AM1: 1Signed
My favorite was Crookshanks. But they were all well done. Good job.

verasuspense2009.07.08 - 07:21PM1: 1Signed
Has Severus been watching reruns of Gilligan's Island?

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. ^_^ He could have been...

Hot goose2009.03.31 - 07:19PM1: 1Signed
i loved them all, especially the last one with the fellytone, oh how'd love to do that to telesales people sometimes.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. ^_^

amsev2005.11.05 - 05:49PM1: 1Signed
Love them all! But especially the Crookshanks one "Crookshanks inwardly smirked. The matchmaking had begun… " and the very first one: "She was awoken later that night by Snape who said tautly, “Would you prefer this man…Hermione?” “Yes, Severus,” she said softly. " AAAAAWWWWW! And I mean that in a very good way, not many things make me go AAAAWWWWW in an unsarcastic way!

Author's Response: Thanks - I'm glad you liked my stories...

diamondbritt2005.10.28 - 03:43PM1: 1Signed
I love the way you portray Severus in the last one. It makes you want to hug him.

Author's Response: Thanks for that...

Cherdy the Molologist2005.08.29 - 06:50PM1: 1Signed
I don't think I've read these before, and I wasn't planning on reviewing in case I already had, but the last one made me laugh right out loud. Lovely...

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing...

Azulkan22005.05.24 - 03:35PM1: 1Signed
They are all great but the one about the TV survey hit the nail on the head. Thank god for DVD's.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing - I certainly didn't think Snape would have much time for telemarketers, lol...

JoAnNe NiCoLLeTe2005.05.24 - 02:37AM1: 1Signed
My favourite, by far, is the last one. Very Snape-like.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

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