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Reviews for A Choice of Roads

Jong_Kahn2018.01.25 - 02:37AM22: Catch me if you can!Signed
I think you're absolutely right not to have lemons here yet. The nature of their budding relationship is being given proper time to grow, which in its own way is ever more delicious. The bigger the build-up, the better the release when it finally does happen. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thanks for that; both of them weren't ready to rush into lemons.

remy2009.09.23 - 10:32PM22: Catch me if you can!Signed
So I'm re-reading this story and I'm laughing all over again at Sev's grumble at the end. I love how Hermione/Sev are just obviously going to be that couple that are so cute to watch when they're older. He'll gripe and she'll say something to calm him down and that's just a wonderful romantic dynamic to me, lol

ElectricBloo2008.03.28 - 04:55PM22: Catch me if you can!Signed
Cheers for posting.

inthedesk2008.03.27 - 11:25PM22: Catch me if you can!Signed
I'm enjoying your story. It always amazes me when someone can create something original. However, some of your sentences are awkward. Its like you're trying too hard to be descriptive You use everu word or phrase available., which is very destracting and confusing. Sometimes I have to read something more than once before I can figure out what you're trying to communicate. Please keep writing, I'm enjoying the story.

PhoneixTears2005.08.25 - 09:41PM22: Catch me if you can!Signed
Please, please, please with a piece of chocolate cake with a cherry on top continue with your wonderful story!!!!

azura142005.08.22 - 10:23AM22: Catch me if you can!Anonymous
This is such a great fic!!! I hope that u update fast (cough "tomorrow" cough)!!!!!!!!!!!

Rubyfey2005.08.21 - 12:52AM22: Catch me if you can!Signed

Have you abandoned this fic ?

It's too good to deserve such a fate, and from my history of following your writing, you're too good a writer to do that.

Please---at least, a note in answer to your reviews? To tell us what's happened, and when (or "if"?) we may expect an update?



Author's Response: Hi there, No, I haven't abandoned the story - I had posted a note in my personal profile saying that my computer had crashed last month taking my latest chapter with it. I have been busy rewriting it and hope to have it posted in a few weeks (crosses fingers). Thanks for still hanging out for a new chapter...

Mary_222005.08.11 - 08:48PM22: Catch me if you can!Signed
want lemons Now! lol keep up the fantastic work up date soon

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