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droxy2004.07.12 - 08:47PM1: Anonymous
Hurray! What a happy ending! A red rose to you.

nesscafe2004.07.12 - 07:33PM1: Anonymous
I likey!!! I really likey!!! Will there be more soon? Will he stay w/ her? Will this be a fluffy fic? I don't think you'ver written really fluffy in... Have you ever written really fluffy? 0__0

ArtemisGoddess2004.07.12 - 07:25PM1: Signed

darkangel2004.06.13 - 05:20PM1: Signed
great fic! update soon!

Daintress2004.05.27 - 03:48PM1: Signed
Looks like the end of the chapter got cut off? We're all dying to know what happens next!!!! I'll check back.

darkavatar2004.05.23 - 12:37AM1: Signed
tee hee. wow priceless. this is too good. it's so unbelieveably witty. "And if Dumbledore asks, we raped a lush mudblood. And we drank blood, not tea, blood. Out of a mudblood’s skull.” I just love your writing style, you have a real way with words, just harnessing all the humour possible. oh... please continue, I know this is just going to get better. ^_^

Deb2004.05.16 - 06:58PM1: Signed
I really do like the way you have given balance to your chapters!!! The humor, frustration, everything just works so well!!! *** It is nice to know that Severus finds Hermione tollerable, at least for the most part!!! I hink he will find her even better company as he finds out just how much they have in common!!! *** I can't wait to see how the 1st day of her apprenticeship goes!!! Til chapter 5, Deb >^..^<

Deb2004.05.11 - 10:24PM1: Signed
I still would put my money on Hermione!!! I have a feeling that she can give him a real run for his money in the manipulates, seduces and endures departments, she has a very good teacher!!! There is still the fact that she has something that he wants & if he wants it badly enough he will give her what she wants, maybe in a backhanded way, but she would know what it meant!!! *** I really liked Severus' little conversation with that nasty thing, Pansy!!! I can't wait to see how she treats Hermione from here on!!! *** I am glad to see that Albus is keeping her position open!!! He knows that he heard nothing but a bunch of b.s. from Draco & Pansy!!! I also think that he is finally realizing how much this whole situation is taking its toll on Hermione!!! She won't go over Severus' position of authority, but I would LOVE to see Albus excercise his authority in this case!!! *** Looking forward to your next update & the torture that is becoming the relationship between Severus & Hermione!!! Til then, Deb >^..^<

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