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Deb2004.05.11 - 10:18PM1: Signed
I still would put my money on Hermione!!! I have a feeling that she can give him a real run for his money in the manipulates, seduces and endures departments, she has a very good teacher!!! There is still the fact that she has something that he wants & if he wants it badly enough he will give her what she wants, maybe in a backhanded way, but she would know what it meant!!! *** I really liked Severus' little conversation with that nasty thing, Pansy!!! I can't wait to see how she treats Hermione from here on!!! *** I am glad to see that Albus is keeping her position open!!! He knows that he heard nothing but a bunch of b.s. from Draco & Pansy!!! I also think that he is finally realizing how much this whole situation is taking its toll on Hermione!!! She won't go over Severus' position of authority, but I would LOVE to see Albus excercise his authority in this case!!! *** Looking forward to your next update & the torture that is becoming the relationship between Severus & Hermione!!! Til then, Deb >^..^<

Deb2004.05.10 - 09:00AM1: Signed
This is a very touching piece!!! Deb >^..^<

nothingness2004.04.07 - 05:54PM1: Signed

Deb >^..^< SS_HG4Ever@yahoo.com2004.03.23 - 11:17PM1: Anonymous
What a way to take a break from a rough day!!! You did a very nice job here!!! Deb >^..^<

cassie2004.02.22 - 01:46PM1: Anonymous
Love it, love it, love it. Did I mention that I love it? Because I love it. Wow someone´s silly today. No honestly, a really great story. Please more.

Svenja2004.01.29 - 05:14PM1: Anonymous
Really great story, like Cam! Sev, Harry and Ron are in character, as well as everyone else! Ron could have been a bit angry, but as Albus said, he matured! Love it!, I'll continue reading tomorow!

Clair2004.01.15 - 09:14PM1: Anonymous
Oh dear...

Fictionlover2003.12.17 - 05:09PM1: Anonymous
Oh, darn. I left a review but I left it under my real name(Shin Hee Tae). I'm just letting you know that if's the same person. Just finished reading on the first day of Christmas! Nice ending. And thanks again for posting on this webiste. Bye!

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