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MajesticAthene2007.06.21 - 01:59AM1: Signed
"Voldemort was eating a muffin." hahahaha...just read 8 chapters in one sitting and i can't wait for more!!! great story!

draco'slove2007.06.15 - 01:27PM1: Anonymous
Really, really good!

bobkatt2007.06.14 - 07:29AM1: Signed
Okay, I have been reading this fic on pins and needles... and right now at this point, I have to take a break because its Pi**ing me off lol. Bravo, they say you have ot have a cold heart to write a good fic... well let me tell you, its good lol. I mean all this in a good way... its just really hard to read it cause I'm afraid it won't end right! I'm a 'happily ever after person' and if it ends bad... then it will kill me lol...I'm loveing it, its hard as hell to read right now though... take that as an AWSOME compliment okay? I just had to vent at you lol...*HUGS* *is siriously p-oed at the moment...and sad, REALLY sad for those stuborn people, and ANGRY at a bad harry!UGH* lol...

nancy2007.06.02 - 02:13PM1: Anonymous
i loving it

BlackGurl2007.05.28 - 07:05AM1: Signed
I HATEEE YOU!!!!!!!! ok i dont.. ur a great writer! But i feel like strangling u right now!!!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!! this cant happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let harry run and get fucking help!!!!! sorry i havent wrote any comments before but i seriously LOVE ur story and am literally stuck to the computer screen.... lol

Parivash0072007.05.07 - 09:05PM1: Signed
I lied, it's finished there! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1154455/1/

duj2007.04.18 - 08:10PM1: Signed
He never says what he really means, does he? That's why the freckle remark, so open and unguarded, shocked her enough to bungle her potion.

fanchick2007.04.03 - 07:48PM1: Signed
Well that was a wonderful story man awesome job.....i think everybody can write like that, hell even i can write like that. It was lovely, now where do i buy those lenses designed to see invisible computer innk? ;)

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