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Mrs_Brown2007.09.23 - 10:50PM1: Signed
Your writing style and pacing is so refreshing! Clean, uncluttered, intelligent, insightful, considered, eloquent, unsentimental. I just love it!! It's rare to encounter such a straight-forward, strong narrative and such fully fleshed characterizations. Your angst never seems forced or arbitrary (as it soooo often is in fanfic); and the motives behind your characters actions are thoughtful and in line with canon. Please keep going -- this has just been getting better and better! Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic story with us!!

slygriff212007.09.13 - 12:11PM1: Signed
wesome story! I loved it!

Mrs_Brown2007.09.08 - 07:12PM1: Signed
Gorgeous and moving. Only one problem: it should have said Chapter 2 at the top of the page, and I somehow missed the Next button at the bottom of the page. If you could please tell me where I can find Chapters 3 - 40, I would be most grateful! :-) Thank you so much for sharing this lovely story!!

Mrs_Brown2007.09.04 - 04:54PM1: Signed
Okay, so maybe I'm feeling a little faint after those three delectable bouts...but that doesn't stop me from wanting Round 4...and 5...and so on! Scorching, scrumptious writing. "More, please," she whimpered pathetically. Thank you for sharing!! (Uh, did I mention, more, please?)

Raychel2007.09.01 - 10:32AM1: Signed
I love this, thank you so much for posting it. The storyline keeps you entertained the whole way thought. Wonderful.

Mrs_Brown2007.07.17 - 10:40PM1: Signed
More.....please! Fun, naughty and oh so promising!! Please author, take pity on us poor needy readers who crave stories with wit and imagination like this one! HELP!!

Unknown2007.07.12 - 04:30AM1: Anonymous
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Menauchem2007.06.21 - 12:44PM1: Signed
Sometimes, it is hard to know what to say beside, "I loved it very much."

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