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Sampdoria2008.07.18 - 03:43AM5: Baby StepsSigned
I am glad to see a new chapter and that Hermione finallyl is safe. It is a dark story, but very well written. I hope Ursula will be able to help Hermione, while Hermione will never be her self again, I hope you will make her strong again, not to mention allow her some revenge on those who hurt her. I am glad that Severus will take upon himself to seek revenge, but he should leave some of it to Hermione; Neutering Lucius with a slow working curse would be suitable......

somebodyoranother2008.07.02 - 10:32PM1: Signed
I'd love to see more!

miss_ladywriter2008.05.30 - 02:56PM1: Signed
can't read this either - no title, no author and worst - no description so that i could hunt it down again! i had it saved in my bookmarks as MLC Sleepwalk... but that's not much help, i don't suppose! *pulls her most Snapish expression,,,!

greenwood2008.05.26 - 12:31AM1: Signed
I liked this detailed account of Severus' night on the Tower. The subtle twists you give, like talking to Albus' brother, make other things possible in the future and don't alter the cannon view. I look forward to finding out how you plan to make the trasition with Harmione as the go-between for Severus and the Order.

guignou2008.05.24 - 08:03PM1: Signed
wow ! i found your story so great ! i liked the new secret room and its effects on our characters ^^ i also enjoyed the way you described their feelings and the links between 1977 and 1997... i'm waiting for the next chapters ! thank you ! *sorry for my awful English writing* guignou

mystic_illusions2008.05.02 - 02:55AM1: Signed
love it =)

rebibug2008.04.07 - 11:14PM1: Signed
where did the story go?! The title is missing as well!!!

SataiDelenn2008.01.30 - 02:04AM1: Signed
Um, perhaps I'm being dense, but, whatever this fic was, it's in my favorites list, but has no title, no author's name, and no story. So, could someone please enlighten me as to what this story was, and how people are still reading a story that no longer seems to exist?

Thank You.

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